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Licensed and regulated by AAT to provide services in accordance with licence number 7317.

TAS Accountancy is trading name of 7th Stone Ltd. Incorporated in England and Wales. Company no: 10737624

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Many businesses worry about dealing with their self-assessment, particularly when they have little knowledge of tax affairs and need to spend all the time they have focusing on their company.  But this is no surprise, particularly if we look at the thousands of people who are fined each year by HMRC for not attending to their self-assessment on time.  You may find yourself in this unfortunate position if you:

Help is at hand

Our Self-Assessment Service takes care of all of this, eradicating your stress and headaches and freeing up valuable time.  As part of the package, we will:

We will take care of the whole self-assessment process from start to finish, and should HMRC decide to carry out any inspections or hold meetings, we will handle them, appealing any decisions and challenging as we see fit.

Pay the right amount of tax

If you are not aware of the deductibles that you are entitled to claim such as allowances and expenses, we will point you in the right direction.  Why end up paying more tax than you should when there is really no need for this?

Once your self-assessment return has been completed, we will provide you with a full copy as well as any advisory notes, explaining your tax position and any liabilities that are due to be paid.

Contact TAS Accountancy today and get your self-assessment headache dealt with professionally by the experts.