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Keeping track of corporation tax along with the many varied tax reliefs and rates that change annually can be a nightmare. This can be exacerbated if you are not sure which deductions, allowances and exemptions to apply when calculating your tax return.

This is where we can help; with specialist knowledge at our fingertips, we will deal with all aspects of corporation tax as applied to your small business.   By getting to know how you operate and carefully checking all paperwork and records, we will minimise your tax payments, enabling you to operate your business successfully and without the risk of any mitigation.

Dealing with corporation tax

As a UK limited company you are obliged to fill in a corporation tax return and submit it to HMRC every year; this will then show how much corporation tax the company owes. By making the most of all available reliefs, your bill can often be reduced considerably.  

Your corporation tax return will be based upon any profits or losses that you have made in the year, as shown in your statutory accounts, along with any expenses/allowances being taken off to show your final bill.   You also have to adhere to deadlines; your return must be filed within a year of the end of your accounting period which is set by the taxman.

Allowable expenses

When we deal with your corporation tax return, we will ensure that all allowable expenses are included such as:

We will make all calculations and include these in the return, taking care of all losses you may be due, no matter how complex.

Corporation tax rates

You may not be aware but as a small business you should be able to pay less corporation tax than the larger corporations. There are also tax breaks that can be applied and because we are professionals in this field, we ensure that we are always up-to-date with the latest and most current legislation.   We will also consider all personal income and any pension arrangements.

We will ensure that your company accounts are filed on time and that all costings are correct on your corporation tax return.

Contact us today and find out just how much our fixed price Corporation Tax Service can benefit your limited company.